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Welcome to Capri Hospital

Capri Hospital specialises in treating people with alcohol, illicit drugs, prescription drugs, gambling, chronic pain, depression, anxiety, eating disorders, and other mental health disorders and has done so successfully for the past fourteen years.

Capri Hospital success is largely due to the following:

  • Unique wellness philosophy: We have developed a unique holistic wellness philosophy which consists of a range of international best practice approaches to the conditions we treat.
  • Life style change: The core focus of treatment at Capri Hospital is lifestyle change and learning to maintain this so that long term wellness can be achieved.
  • Family feel: A distinctive aspect of Capri Hospital treatment is our family inclusive environment which creates a real family feel.
  • Experienced clinical staff: Our staff and consultants include psychiatrist, doctors, 24 hour nurses, specialty counsellors, social worker, recovery coaches and mentors. All are highly trained; many are in successful recovery themselves or have a family member in recovery from alcohol, drugs, gambling and/or mental health problems.
  • Twelve month programme: Our twelve month programme includes a variable length of residential stay, extended care options, and intensive outpatient services.
  • Proven success: Our anecdotal information show that 70% of our clients are in stable recovery at two years.
  • Certifications: Capri Hospital has achieved two best practice New Zealand Standards and one international standard. Click here for full details...


"Before I went to Capri, I was totally burnt out, had developed an alcohol addiction and was not in a good way. With the help of Capri I was able to work through these issues in a supportive friendly environment. With the tools I gained from the Capri programme I have since managed to achieve goals I never thought possible. Within six months of leaving Capri I completed my first ½ marathon and six months after that my first marathon." Tony

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Specialist Endorsement

Dr Siale Foliaki (psychiatrist) shares why he believes the Capri Hospital Mental Health Wellness Programme is so effective.

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