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At Capri Hospital we have a proven track record of helping individuals and families recover and learn to manage a wide range of mental health, drug and alcohol issues. View some of the recovery story videos from people who have become part of the Capri Hospital family.

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Proven track record helping New Zealanders to recoverProven Track Record

Capri Hospital has provided comprehensive treatment for fifteen years. As a registered private hospital we treat mental health and substance use disorders.

Highly qualified medical staffHighly Qualified Staff

The Capri Hospital utilizes a multi-disciplinary team, including psychiatrist, doctors, 24 hour nursing care, specialised therapist, and recovery coaches.

On-going support to help rehabilitationOn-Going Support

The Capri Hospital 12 month programme includes residential treatment, extended residential care, intensive continuing care, and outpatient options.

Family friend enviroment and support systems Family Friendly Enviroment

Capri Hospital is a family friendly environment. We aim to support the whole family in loved ones recovery.

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Welcome to Capri Hospital

If life seems to be spinning out of control for you, or for someone close to you because of mental health, alcohol, drugs or issues and you feel completely powerless, take this simple step – call us.

Capri Hospital has been very successfully helping people with a wide range of mental health issues such as depression, anxiety, anorexia; and drug, alcohol and gambling problems for the past 15 years.

How successful are we? The unique Capri Hospital programme has a very high success rate. We observe 70% of our clients are living well and in positive recovery after two years.

How we do it is no secret. Our people are the key - they carefully assess your needs, tailor treatment to suit, and give you lots of their time. The team at Capri Hospital is second to none. They have the qualifications and in many cases their own personal recovery from either mental health or alcohol or drugs. So the help you receive is both clinically and personally proven to work.

It’s important to point out that Capri is a registered private hospital offering a 4-week live-in, intensive treatment programme with on-going support for 12 months, and the fees reflect that level or care.

Capri Hospital is unlike any hospital you’ve ever seen.

It’s comfortable, casual, professional and a totally positive place to be. You’ll be welcomed into a community of people from all walks of life who are focused on the same thing – being well. And as the majority of our highly qualified staff is in successful recovery themselves, they have some idea of what you’re going through right now, which makes them even more committed to helping you turn your life around.

Take this first step to a better future – call 0800227741 and ask to talk to Michelle.

Our historyOur History

Guy Smith and Tom Claunch co-founded Capri Trust in 1999. Guy, a business man who had struggled with his dependence on alcohol for over 30 years and attended multiple treatment settings around the world, was unable to achieve a sustained period of abstinence. Dr Stephen Jurd of Northside Hospital in Australia introduced Guy to Tom at Hanmer Hospital in the South Island of New Zealand that specialised in addiction treatment. At the time Tom was the CEO of Hanmer Hospital and a recovering alcoholic of 30 years himself. Tom had worked extensively running alcohol and drug treatment clinics also training clinicians in USA, Europe, Australia, and New Zealand for 25 years. With Toms help, Guy stopped drinking and began his personal recovery.

As a result Guy and Tom had a dream to provide a service for professional people like themselves. Guy also had learnt from his own experience of multiple treatment failures that recovery wasn’t achieved through detox alone. Services have to provide specialty treatment and on-going support. Capri Hospital opened its six bed clinic in Mt Wellington on the Tamaki River in December 1999. In 2009 Capri Hospital was registered as a hospital for addiction and mental health treatment. Over the last 13 years Capri Hospital has grown from strength to strength as the demand for its services and intensive, unique approach has increased the need for extra beds. Today Capri Hospital is a 22 bed facility and is internationally acknowledged as the best of our type in the Southern Hemisphere.

Mission Statement

Capri Hospital is a Charitable Trust whose staff are all passionate about reducing the devastating impact that unmanaged mental health, gambling and substance disorders has on individuals, their families and the community. Our primary goal is to improve the quality of life for our clients and their families in a family like environment and to provide on-going support after discharge. We welcome discharged Clients to visit and enjoy the supportive environment here at Capri Hospital.

Click here to read more about us, our Philosophy and our mission statement...

What We Treat

Capri Hospital successfully treats the full spectrum of mental health and substance use disorders. As differing disorders require corresponding therapies for effective outcomes to be achieved, a comprehensive medical and psychosocial assessment is a critical part of the treatment process. This allows for an accurate diagnosis and treatment pathway. All treatment planning at Capri Hospital includes both residential and outpatient phases. This means that all clients will leave with a comprehensive Continuing Care Plan which will need to be followed to ensure the progress made during residential treatment continues through 12 months of the outpatient phase of treatment.

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Our Facilities

Capri Hospital is a private hospital specialising in mental health and substance use disorder and is set on the lovely Tamaki River. The site straddles three beautiful properties situated on the water’s edge. There is easy access to a lovely walking track around the Tamaki Basin and along the Tamaki River itself. Each of the client bedrooms has its own ensuite, with the main auditorium centred around a large, heated fountain / spa pool. The site is rich in natural flora, fountains, statues and outside lounging areas. A swimming pool and sun bathing areas are also utilised in the summer months.

Facility features

  • Auditorium
  • Bedrooms with ensuite
  • King single beds
  • Spa baths (some units only)
  • Lounges
  • Spa pools
  • Swimming pool
  • FAR Sauna
  • Fountains
  • Range of outdoor gardens and relaxation areas
  • Gym
  • Table tennis
  • Basket ball
  • Sky television
  • Wharf for fishing
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Capri Hospital Video Tour

This virtual video tour has been produced for potential clients and their families considering treatment at Capri Hospital. The tour takes an actress through the initial steps of arriving at Capri Hospital, initial assessments and a look at the type of treatment Capri Hospital provides. The tour is also an opportunity to explore the look and feel of the facility. Apart from the actress featured all the other people in the virtual tour are Capri Hospital Staff or former clients who volunteered for the production.

  • Welcome to Capri Hospital
  • Orientation for admission
  • Medical assessment and specialist care
  • Client rooms and facilities
  • Individual treatment planning
  • Food and dietary needs
  • Peer support groups
  • Education sessions
  • Relaxation and reflection
  • Family programme
  • Library
  • 24 hour access to tea/coffee and snacks
  • Gym, walking tracks, table tennis, basketball
  • Yoga
  • Far sauna, spa pools, and main pool
  • Social activities
  • Someone to listen
  • The Hope Recovery System
  • Continuing Care Planning
  • Family discharge planning meeting
  • Graduation and recovery milestones through first 12 month of recovery
  • CEO’s message

Recovery Stories

This Month's Recovery Stories

Story from problem gambler

Lizzie's Story

"My name is Lizzie and I’m a recovering problem gambler. My recovery journey began at Capri Hospital in 2005. I’d known for years that I had a problem, but it wasn’t until the proverbial hit the fan that I reached out and admitted I needed help. As a child I had lots of choices on my list of “what I want to be when I grew up.” But Problem Gambler was not on that list!

Over the years - which have included 2 stints in rehab and lapses and relapses - I’ve come to gradually understand the reasons for my addictive behaviours. It has been a huge learning curve. I’ve learnt more about myself than I ever knew I would, or could. I’ve met and made wonderful new friends. I know that I will be ‘in recovery’ for the rest of my life. I’m not perfect, but I’m so much better than I used to be. The ongoing process of recovery has changed my life. But I have to work at it every day. Thanks Capri, for you part in this process."

Story from recovering alcoholic

Peter's Story

"Like many alcoholics I never thought that I had a problem with alcohol. I had been a regular drinker since the age of about 17. While I was a heavy drinker I also excelled at sport and obtained a university degree. I had been to councillors over the years and had suggestions to try and cut back but obviously nothing worked. Things got to the stage where I really had no interests outside of going away to rugby games…An appointment was made for me to see one particular councillor who was quite blunt that I needed residential treatment at Capri. I agreed to that, but at the back of my mind I thought that if I cut back for a week…I didn’t need to go. That night when I got home my wife had moved out…I got plastered. At 2am I rang my councillor to tell him that I needed to go now! My wife took me to Wellington airport. After she left…I convinced my friend that a last drink was necessary before I went to Capri… we got pissed. I left the next day. We were met at the airport by Guy and that was it. I was a resident at Capri! What a great place. What great staff…Capri, you changed my life. Thank you for that….You can still have fun when sober. "

Recovery stories

Online Assessments

For your convenience, Capri Hospital has developed a number of online assessment tools to help you ascertain whether you, a family member or a friend are currently struggling with alcohol, drugs, gambling, anxiety or depression. These online screening tools are completely confidential and have been widely accepted as valid through research by the international treatment community. Their validity has been proven across differing countries, age groups, gender and ethnic groups.

The five online screening tools are:

  • Alcohol - Alcohol Use Disorder Identification Test (AUDIT)
  • Drugs - Severity of Dependence Scale (SDS)
  • Gambling - South Oaks Gambling Screen (SOGS)
  • Anxiety - Generalised Anxiety, Disorder (GAD7)
  • Depression - Public Health Questioner (PHQ9)

When you complete one of these assessments you will receive an overall score and analysis from the information you have entered. At no stage up to and including this point are you required to enter any personal information. We never receive or collect any data unless you select the option to request we contact you. You also have the option to have the results from your online screening forwarded to the person who will be making contact with you.

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Downloadable handbooks

We have two handbooks available for instant download, click on an image below to automatically download the required handbook.

Alcohol and drug client handbookMental health treatment and family handbook

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